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  Frequently Asked Questions  
  1. How does the system work?
    NTTC utilizes an Application Service Provider (ASP) Model, which means the NTTC hosts, manages, and delivers applications to multiple entities (users) from a remote data center across a wide area network (Internet).
  2. What is the benefit of the Application Service Provider (ASP) Model?
    • ASPs require no client-side software beyond a current Web browser.
    • Clients can access their information from virtually anywhere in the world.
    • Client system-administration costs and additional staffing requirements are eliminated.
    • ASPs leverage the cost benefits of the Internet without compromising security.
  3. What does the clinic provide?
    The participating clinic provides patient and appointment data and access to the billing system (such as Medical Manager).
  4. What reports are generated for chart audits and is that compared to a national average for benchmarking?
    A Coder report functionality is available which is an aggregation/consolidation of all notes, in a list form, for centralized chart review. Access to this report is role-based, limiting access to only those who legitimately need it.
  5. Who will enter all the information? Does it occur at points of care or by different departments?
    Can be done either way. Depends on the clinic's preference.
  6. How long will it take this information to become part of the record?
    Information is entered in real-time and will be available immediately.
  7. How would we prepare for the days scheduled? Would we download the records or would we access as needed?
    The system requires an interface with the patient administration system to get patient data, appointment data, clinic data and provider data. The download parameters and preparation time depends upon the data source and type of interface.
  8. Is there much Internet time involved? Can more than one user access the system?
    All screens are dependent on the Internet for display. System performance is directly related to network (Internet) performance. Multiple providers can access the system at the same time.
  9. How is the patient data accessed -- by numbers or names of patients? How does this happen when the physician is accessing from the hospital?
    The system receives patient information, including names and patient ID numbers, from the clinic's core patient registration system. Access to those patients' records is web-based and role-based. In theory, a physician with authorization to the system can access the system and generate a note on a patient from anywhere. Generating a note for a patient that is in the hospital is possible if the patient is in the clinic's registration system.
  10. How do we access patient history?
    If the history data is entered (either manually into the record or as a scanned document) it will be viewable in the system.
  11. What are the security issues if physicians can access data from outside locations?
    The website is secure and no data is locally cached by the system. The only way to store data on a local machine is through a user's deliberate screen capture or other activity outside of the scope of the system's core functionality (This is where a security issue could arise). The website can be accessed from outside the clinic network if configured to do so. Data can be accessed from home if local policy supports such.
Program Information
Key Features
  • Not just a technology, but a program for health improvement
  • A congressionally sponsored program
  • No cost to participate with continued federal support for the program
  • Participating providers receive hardware (laptop, POV, network device), software, training, helpdesk support, and program enhancements -- all free of charge
  • Learn all about the HEALTHeWV Program.

    Participating Clinics Close Window
    Wheeling Health
    Right, Inc.

    61-29th Street,
    Wheeling, WV 26003
    Wirt County Health Center
    P.O. Box 609
    Elizabeth, WV 26143
    Bluestone Health Center
    3997 Beckley Road,
    Princeton, WV 24740
    Good Samaritan
    Clinic, Inc.

    911 Emerson Avenue
    Parkersburg, WV 26101
    Fairmont Clinic
    P.O. Box 1112,
    Fairmont, WV  26554
    Lavalette Clinic Wayne County Wheeling Health Right, Inc. Wheeling, Ohio County Wirt County Health Center Wirt County Roane County Family Health Care Roane County Bluestone Health Center Mercer County Fairmont Clinic Marion County