Furosemide Potassium is Your Perfect Diuretic Medication

Water retention is a condition where excess water is being stored up in between the skin and muscles.  This is actually an abnormal condition because normally, the lymphatic system drains out any fluid secreted by the circulatory system.  However, if there is more water being secreted than what can be drained by the lymphatic system, a buildup of water occurs.  This buildup is also called edema or fluid buildup.  While such occurrence is not necessary painful, it is however very difficult to have because it makes the body or limbs much heavier and that your movement or motion also becomes limited due to the swelling created by it.  To drain such fluid buildup, the use of furosemide potassium is needed.

Furosemide potassium is a diuretic medication.  If you use furosemide potassium to drain water retention, it basically helps in draining the water to your urine which you can drain out when you urinate.  The problem with using diuretics is that you also lose important electrolytes in your urine in the process.  Such electrolytes like potassium are important for normal body function.  Diuretics like the regular furosemide does such which is why they created furosemide potassium to help supplement the potassium so that the body does not get drained of it.  Furosemide potassium has basically changed the way how diuretics work as it is able to solve the excessive drainage of potassium from the body.  However, as a solution occurs, so does another problem.  If you frequently use furosemide potassium, you may build up excess potassium in the body which is called hyperkalemia.  This is why taking furosemide and furosemide potassium alternatingly enables you to control your potassium levels much better.

Furosemide potassium works in the very same way as the regular furosemide.  So basically, both diuretics are the same with the exception of its potassium sparing property.  It is important that you do not abuse the use of furosemide potassium or any diuretic for that matter.  Use furosemide potassium only as instructed by your doctor – for the purpose of draining fluid buildup.  Some doctors may prescribe this drug for other purposes, like for helping control hypertension.  But aside from that, make sure to never use and abuse the use furosemide potassium.  This is because there are others who use this drug simply to lose weight.  This is not what furosemide potassium was made for and should never be used for such.

If you have been prescribed by your doctor to use furosemide potassium, you have the option to buy your diuretic medication online or at your local pharmacy.  If you need to use the drug immediately, then you have no option but to buy furosemide potassium at your local pharmacy.  But if you are only buying to store on the drug for future purposes, perhaps if you have some chronic type of edema, then the most ideal place to buy your diuretic medication will be online.  These days, most people that use and stock up on furosemide potassium get their diuretic medication online.